Month: November 2014


Thanksgiving. Hello Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  I am presently with my mom in Oak Harbor, Washington.  It is good to see her as well as share Thanksgiving with two of my syblings.  There will be 15 all


Sad. Greetings Church Family. I am sure that like Terri and me, many of you have just watched the news of the Grand Jury report from Ferguson, Missouri, and the resulting demonstrations and riots and…  In so many ways the

The Church Year

The Church Year In the early years of the Christian Church, somewhere after the freedom given it by Constantine within the Roman Empire, the Church developed an annual cycle to assist its people in their spiritual growth.  The year began


Money Yes, there comes a time when we have to talk about it.  If we were lucky, our parents talked about money when we were children.  If we are happily married, we have learned to talk about it with our

Halloween Retrospect

Halloween Retrospect Well, the 2nd most lucrative holiday in America has come and gone.  Marketers are happy.  Teachers are happy.  Parents are happy.  Dentists are happy.  For our part, Terri and I went down to the Outlet Mall to watch