Month: January 2015


Wrigley You knew it would happen.  I know you did, especially those of you who know my wife.  We could not go dog-less forever.  There had to come a time when we would add a new member to our household. 


Homepage. I just spent some time cleaning up my homepage on my computer.  No, this isn’t like confessing my sins and asking the Lord to remove them from my life.  Rather this is a long overdue process of making current

Je Suis, Charlie

Je Suis, Charlie… …I am Charlie.  These words have been scrawled on placards, post cards, pictures, headlines, and spoken in public settings hundreds of thousands of times over this past week.  The reason?  Solidarity with those who were massacred at


Prayer… …Yes, that will be CBTS’s focus for the next 3 months. There is danger in talking about one topic for such an extended period of time.  A seminary professor of mine, Dr. Jack Rogers, used an example from biology