Month: July 2015

New Testament, Part 2

NT, Part 2. How Jesus said we should live One of the things that I did when I was in high school was play baseball.  I loved the sport.  I dreamt about being a professional.  I hung a ball from

The New Testament, Part 1

The New Testament, Part 1. As we began this walk through the Bible I initially said that the Bible, a book that is thousands of years old, written in ancient languages and from different cultures, primarily by men, was important

The Transition between Old and New

The Bible: Time of Transition Between the writing of the Old and the New Testaments a period of time elapsed.  How much time?  That is one of the questions.  If you look at the chronology  of the Christian Bible the

God Hints about the Future

The return to the blogosphere.  Sorry to have been away.  The time spent with Michael Weaver (our intern from Scotland) and his family was wonderful.  Mike will make a great minister: reflective, thoughtful, studious, passionate, loving God and people.  Now