Month: September 2015

NT part 7: The Holy Spirit

NT Part 7. Holy Spirit Jesus gave his disciples certain tasks to do (see the last blog).  These tasks, recorded in the ancient pages of the New Testament are daunting.  To think that we can be a tool used by

Church Picnic 2015

NT Part 6: Why the Church exists

NT Part 6:  Why the Church exists I began this lengthy series of blog posts on the Bible with the question, “How does this ancient book relate to people in the 21st Century?”  So much has changed since the original words

NT Part 5: The Church

NT, Part 5:   Church Today as I write this blog about The Church I remember the events of September 11, 2001, 9/11.  I grieve these events, the agony caused to so many in our nation and our world, and the