March 2, 2022

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April 2021

A Note from Pastor Mark                                                                                                             

“It starts with Winter.”

“No, that one is Spring.  Look how dark that painting is, see how everything is brown, just like it is in winter.”  “No, that looks like fall to me. See the way the light reflects the leaves and there are no flowers, that one looks like winter to me.”   “Let’s ask the guard at the door, maybe she will know.” 

We walk over to the guard, ask her which of the four murals depicts the winter season.  She, in her beautiful French accent, says, “None of them.” The murals are not paintings of the four seasons of the pond, rather they are the pond at different times of the day.  The lighter ones show the morning light.  The darker paintings depict the afternoon when Monet, to avoid the heat of the day, would paint under the shade of the trees to keep him cool; that is why those painting came out dark.  

We were both so wrong.  Our perspective was off.  We thought we understood. 

Siting in, the Museum de L’Orangerie, Paris France and discussing Claude Monet “The Water Lilies.”

This conversation was during a visit to the Museum de l’ Orangerie, which is dedicated to the works of Claude Monet and highlights his Water Lilies or Nymphéas (French), a series of 250 oil paintings which depict the flower garden and pond at his home near Paris.  Many painted while Monet suffered from cataracts. 

To appreciate these paintings, you do not have to know anything about their background.  They are beautiful just as they are, even if you don’t know what you’re looking at!  But the more you know, the more you see.  The more you see, the more you appreciate. 

The Bible is like Monet’s Water Lilies paintings.  The more you know, the more you understand (and appreciate.  Wendy and I arguing over things we didn’t know is like Jesus’ first disciples looking at the death of their messiah and thinking it was the end when it was really Jesus painting in a different light. 

Take a second look, and many more. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to argue.  Listen and appreciate God’s love.  

Shalom and remember every day we live in the good news of Easter,

Pastor Mark


Beginning at 6:30 AM on Easter Sunday via Facebook Live.  Watch it live with us on the lake or watch it later in the day.


 10:00AM on ZOOM or in person (masked, distanced, warm) includes communion.  If you join by Zoom have your communion elements ready.


Following Easter worship service there will be a fellowship coffee time. Hot Cross Buns and coffee will be provided. If the weather is good the buns and coffee will be given out under the portico and people can linger and visit outside. If the weather does not cooperate you can take your Hot Cross Bun to go on your way to your car


Book club will meet on April 8 at 1:00 at the church. This month book club selection is “Russian Winter” by Daphne Kalotay presented by Evie Gilroy.

In Russian Winter, the beautiful debut novel by critically acclaimed writer Daphne Kalotay, a famed ballerina’s jewelry auction in Boston reveals long-held secrets of love and family, friendship and rivalry, harkening back to Stalinist Russia. Called “tender, passionate, and moving” by Jenna Blum, the New York Times bestselling author of Those Who Save UsRussian Winter is a perfect choice for fans of the novels of Debra Dean (The Madonnas of Leningrad), Ann Patchett (Bel Canto), and Ian McEwan (Atonement). (Amazon Review)


Francia Koehn – April 5

Elizabeth Morrison – April 6

Robert Seyfert – April 9

Rev. Cathye Wehr – April 19

Nancy McCall – April 21

Chapel by the Sea

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