Cascade Knoll Walk

Hike 11

Nancy and Deanna finishing up the group

Hike 13

Chuck and Deanna, thanks for planning the hike!

Hike 12

Relaxing at the top of the hill.

Hike 3

Paul with our UK friend, Mike Weaver

Hike 8

The VIEW from the top

Hike 7

Mr. Mattie Nerling

Hike 6

Mr. Wrigley Banks Hayden

Hike 9

On the way back

Hike 4

Terri with Heidi

Hike 10

Two new friends with Marcia

Hike 5

Jere and Heidi

Hike 2

At the top

Hike 1

Moving toward the Look Out


December Potluck