I just spent some time cleaning up my homepage on my computer.  No, this isn’t like confessing my sins and asking the Lord to remove them from my life.  Rather this is a long overdue process of making current the first page I see when my computer wakes up.

So, what did I do?

I made a decision about the picture that would grace my homepage.  It is the first image I see when my computer wakes up in the morning shortly after I do.  It is a picture that reminds me of a moment and place of inspiration.  As Tinker Bell said to Peter Pan when he had forgotten how to fly, “Think of your happy place, Peter.”  My homepage picture is one of my ‘happy places’ that helps me fly.  I chose to keep it the same.

As I looked at and evaluated my homepage I realized there were folders representing interests and issues that were no longer a focus in my life.  As I looked at and into those folders I realized they no longer belonged on my homepage.  I highlighted those folders with my mouse and drug them to my document icon, released them into that very large file cabinet so I could find them if I ever needed to, released the button, and they were gone.  Wow.

I also looked at some folders whose names needed to be changed.  The information in those folders had not changed.   I had.  The way I thought about the information I had placed within them had changed.  So, I renamed them so they would fit better into my present mind set.

Then there were my folders from my previous life.  In reviewing some of the files found on my homepage I was impressed with the topics we had discussed and the issues that had been addressed.  The review brought back joys, sorrows and lots of good memories with great people.  Life happened there and it was a full life.  I also realized that that was 7 MONTHS AGO and there comes a time to remove those things from being front and center.  Be able to access them, “yes.”  Have them be the first thing I see on my homepage, “No.”  So, I created a new file that simply said, “PCJH,” the initials of my former church, placed all those files into one new folder, and moved it into the document icon.  Those files and all they represent will be in my memory bank but no longer on my homepage.

In like fashion I have a number of resource programs on my computer.  When I began pastoral ministry nearly four decades ago I could never have imagined having 30 Bibles and 100 commentaries, and hundreds of more books and resources at the click a button on my work desk.  But, such is the case today.  My purchasing of books and trips to libraries to do research has been dramatically reduced because I can do so much right at this computer at home.  All those separate programs have now been moved into one icon on my homepage called “research.”

Yes, I did find a number of old icons and folders that were no longer relevant to my life.  As far as I can see into the future, they will not be relevant again.  I highlighted them and then pushed the “delete” button on the keyboard.  GONE!

What is the result of this simple and needed exercise?  When my computer wakes up, I see a different homepage.  It is cleaned up, appears much more simple, more easily accessible, organized into appropriate topics, and representative of where I am today.  It was time.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says,

If anyone is in Christ they are a new creation. 

The old has gone, the new has come

What work do you and Christ need to do the homepage of your life?