March 21, 2020

Our Church’s Response to COVID-19

Dear Friends and members of Chapel by the Sea,

Given new orders from the Governor’s office and guidelines from the CDC, we have decided to close our building and cancel group events and gathered worship until further notice.    

We do this not out of fear but out of love for our members, our neighbors and our community. 

We are not canceling worship, just changing the where and how of our worship.  For now, we will use Facebook to stream worship and to post spiritual material you can use in your own life. 

As we know that minimizing human contact is the most effective way to slow transmission rates and protect people from infection, we expect our building to be closed for many more weeks, but we will not allow the ministry to close.  The work of Jesus that happens through CBTS is needed right now.  We still need to feed people, provide warm and dry clothing, reach out to the lonely, use the new opportunities of Facebook and Zoom worship, assist our community. 

Please continue your gifts and donations through this time.   

You can send your contributions to the church at P.O. Box 25, Lincoln City, OR  97367 

Soon we will offer the option of online giving right here on the website.

And STILL – our neighbors are watching us; neighbors that might be anxious or fragile or stretched thin are watching.  You have the extraordinary opportunity to be a non-anxious presence to them.  Because of the love of God in Christ Jesus, we have the luxury of being kind and generous and calm during this crisis.  That is a form of worship and prayer that needs no building or bulletin.

Above all, let us remember and rejoice that “nothing in life or in death can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. 8:38–39). 

Yours, in the service of Christ,

Pastors Mark and Wendy Olson, Elders Phil Van Bruggen, Pat Dune, Elizabeth Morrison, Robert Seyfert, Kathleen Roff, Nancy Gault, Robert Portwood, Otis Winchester, Chuck Stanford, Officers Roberta Porter, Estle Harlan, Deacon Melissa Hart

Chapel by the Sea

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