Greetings One and All.

I know this is not an “official” blog.  After the daily reading for Lent I have taken a little break from blogging.  However, I have not stopped writing.  I wanted to bring you up to speed on a couple of things that might be of interest to you from my world.

  1. On www.chapelbysea.org under the “Education” tab I am placing the audio file and a PowerPoint of my presentation on Comparative Religions. Certainly this is an overview of the landscape of these faiths with great history, but, it is at least that, an overview.  I have worked hard at not being critical of or biased against other faiths in my presentation.  I have attempted to present the facts.

I also have to confess that I see the world and its religions “Through Christian-Eyes.”  I cannot do otherwise just as those of other faiths cannot see Christian faith except through their own. Therein I have included a brief comparative section between core beliefs of the faith being studied and Christian faith.  It is my hope that in studying others those who follow Jesus will have greater clarity.

If in the process of studying a person decides to commit their lives to Jesus Christ is not because of an individual’s persuasive power nor through a manipulative presentation be an individual but because of the work of the Holy Spirit of God.

  1. Redwoods. In a few weeks I will be doing a new blog series based on Terri and my trip to the Redwoods this past Thanksgiving.  Adding some beautiful pictures and thoughts.

Thanks for staying in touch.

May the Lord bless you.

Pastor Paul