Visitor Information

We understand it’s a challenge to visit a new church.  We hope this information will help ease the challenge. Our aim is that you leave feeling loved and as though you have found a new “home.”

Don’t put off a visit until you think it’s the perfect time or until you are exactly where you want to be in life. Just come as you are.  We do!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will a first visit be like?

You will be warmly greeted at the door and given a bulletin, which will have all the information you need for the morning.  A few steps in, you will be embraced by simple beauty, as you find yourself at eye level with the forest, through large glass windows that dominate the room. 

What are worship services like?

Our worship style is “casual traditional”. Services last about an hour.  We sing, we pray together and for each other, we read and teach from the bible, we share Christ’s peace with each other.  There are times of quiet and often there is laughter.  No drums or flashing lights. You can choose to how you want to participate.  We won’t single you out or ask you to stand up in front of everyone. 

What should I wear?

Clothes.  Seriously, just wear clothes.  If you wear a nice dress, or a suit and tie, you won’t be alone.  If you wear jeans and a t-shirt, you’ll fit right in. Simply come as you are. 

Is there anything to do before and after worship?

Join the music ministry in practice, each Sunday morning at 9 am.

After the service, you can enjoy coffee, tea, goodies and conversation, or you can leave right after worship.   

What about my children?

Children aretreasured here and welcome in the worship service, noise, wiggles and all.  We have “worship bags’ that contain quiet activities for families to enjoy.  We have a Children’s room full of books and toys and love.  It is at the back of the worship space, has a huge glass window and the sound is piped in, so families can use this space and still participate in worship. 

Is someone going to ask me for money or to sign up for something?  

As guests, we don’t expect your money.  The financial support of the congregation is the responsibility of the people who are committed to the vision and mission of Chapel by the Sea. You are welcome to “add your 2 cents” but it is not expected.  You won’t get “roped” into anything.   

Location and Parking

We are one block east of Highway 101, nestled in the treetops above the Hilltop Café.

Just south of the Outlet Mall, turn east (away from the ocean) onto 19th street.

Make the first right (Lee Street). 

We are at the end of the block.

Click here for a map

There is plenty parking right in front of the church.  There is also street parking and overflow at the Head Start parking lot directly across the street.

Grateful for God’s saving grace

Joyfully alive in Jesus Christ! We are grateful to be a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination with its focus on inclusion, spirituality, mission, education and justice work.
About our church
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