Sunday Mornings at 10 am

Everyone is always welcome

What is worship? 

An easy way to remember the meaning of worship is to think of “worth-ship,”  or what is it in my life that gives me worth.  Everyone has something or someone that gives them worth.   How much money someone has could be the source of that person’s worth, a job, sports teams, the type of recreation someone does, family, personal appearance, the places someone has traveled, etc.  Whatever or whomever it is, something gives us worth.  How we respond to that something, how we express our gratitude and love becomes the means through which we express our worship.

The Focus of Christian Worship

As Christians we acknowledge that our worth is grounded in God who loves us through Jesus Christ.  It was through his coming to earth, his life, death, and resurrection that God’s love was demonstrated to us.  God didn’t wait to love us until we made ourselves good enough for his love.  No.  God chose to love us from the very beginning and to pursue us throughout our lives during good times and bad.  God says we are of value.  God says we have inherent worth.  God invites us into a dynamic relationship with him so we can begin to understand and live in the value God knows we have.  This is why Jesus came.  This loving pursuit of God is summarized in the central verse of the Bible:  “God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”  (John 3:16).  When we finally say “Yes” to this loving and eternally pursuing God, when we accept Jesus as the bridge between ourselves and our Creator, we desire to give thanks for this incredible love.  Public worship is a way we express our gratitude.

The  Style of Our Worship

Every group of believers has a style through which they give thanks to God.  The worship style at CBTS is a blended service.  We incorporate some contemporary music and some traditional/classical.  There are times of quiet reflection and community reading.  We will have occasions where we pray for one another and other occasions where we talk to God privately.  The central focus within our tradition is the proclamation of the Word of God through reading the Bible, hearing the message in song, and focusing in on the Scriptures through a time of study and reflection (some times called a sermon).  The style we use is designed to help each person grow closer to God through Jesus Christ and to build this part of the Body of Christ as we focus on him.


The Chapel is a beautiful and peaceful setting that is dedicated to the worship of God.  The glass front looks out upon a forest of evergreen trees.  the ambiance created is one of serenity where a person can quiet their soul and focus in on God who loves them.

What to Wear

God loves us just as we are.  You don’t have to dress fancy to please God.  In that light, at CBTS, you will find people wear a bit of everything.  Some men wear coat and ties…some don’t.  Some women can be seen in dresses…others pants and blouses.  What we encourage people to remember is that we are coming to honor and worship the One who loves us more than any other.  As a result we want to dress in an appropriate and honoring style.

Children in Worship

Children are welcome in worship.  Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14).  If parent’s prefer or the child is overly fussy, the service is broadcast into the nursery where parents can stay with their child(ren) and see and hear the service.  Immediately following the ‘Passing of the Peace,’ a teacher will gather children 4 years and older who would like to participate in Children’s Church and go to the Fellowship Hall or Nursery for a special time designed for them.


Following worship is a time of refreshments and the opportunity to get to know the wonderful people in that part of God’s family.  Take some additional time and get to know some of the folks.  Everyone is welcome.

Where to Park

There are 40 spots immediately in front of the church.  You can also park along the street and in the Head Start Pre-school lot.